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Drew Pickles History
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Drew Pickles is the gayest man in the world, with a 300 mile long cock. Here, we have a page just for Drew! ;)

Drew Pickles grew up as a gay child. When he was just born, his cock was five feet long. It grew much bigger every second when he was very young. Drew liked to masturbate to The Wiggles, SpongeBob and Dragon Tales. His dick got very hard, and much longer. When Drew was the age of five years old, he started his first day of school, with a twenty mile long cock hiding in his pants. He always fucked the kids in the classroom, and splooged on the teacher, and he's destroyed some school propety with his large cock. Things were getting out of control. Drew fucked about 5,000 kids at his school and the kids got all horny and fucked everything in the school, and then they cummed all over eachother and made a swimming pool in their school of cum. When Drew was 10 years old, he liked to poop on his dad (who is now called Grandpa Louis) all day. In fact, Drew skipped lots of school because he wanted to stick dildos up his ass and poop on his Grandpa all day. When Drew was 11, he got this own computer with the Internet installed. Drew jacked off to Wiggles hentai and Arthur scat porn. He couldn't stop. He couldn't go to sleep for almost a whole week, just sitting there, jacking off to the pornographic Wiggles images on his computer. He couldn't stop! He started getting erections all the time from SpongeBob and Barney, so Drew visited the gay bar twice a day to strip for gay old men, and Drew received lots of money to buy dildos to stick up his ass all day. Drew was a gay stripper for twenty years. When Drew was about thirty-five, he was married with Charolette. Drew didn't want to be married with a woman, but Drew was tired of men for that period. But then Drew decided to fuck men instead of women, so he raped men every night when Charolette is sleeping. Drew does not want Charolette to know he rapes men at nighttime. Sometimes Drew raped Angelica in the ass all day, he said it was oodles of fun, so he did it all the time. Drew entered himself in the Boner Baseball League, and won every boner baseball game. He won the championship of the Boner Baseball League every year. Drew was sent to Barney's Penis World to play the worldwide Boner Baseball Superbowl! He did successful in this superbowl, and he even performed in the halftime show by doing magic tricks with his dick.



Drew Pickles starred in over 67,000 pornos. Most of the pornos had Big Bird, Wiggles, Stu Pickles or Barney in it. Drew Pickles made over eight-hundred million dollars for creating this pornos. Drew Pickles produced, directed and starred in all of his pornos. Some of Drew's pornos were over fifteen days long, and sometimes each porno DVD case included a free tissue when you cum too much. You can buy Drew Pickles' hawt pornos at your local Blockbuster!

Here's a list of some of Drew's famous pornos! Drew Pickles and the Goatse Gang (2001)
Drew Pickles Penor Party (1999)
Anal Juices Waterpark (1993)
Cocksuckers from Cuba (1990)
Gay Old Time (2000)
Drew Pickles Space Sex (2002)
Asshole Lovers' Adventures (2003)
Gay Gay Gay Men (2004)
Holy Shit He's Huge (1998)
Poopy Butt Sex (1994)
Homo Scat Party (1991)
Pickles and more penis pickles (1995)
Going Downtown to Testicle Town (2005)
Ass Invaders from Planet XXX (1997)
Treasures Buried in a Fat Man's Ass (2001)
Dicksicles on Ice (1996)
The Biggest Cock in the Universe (2005)
Kneel Before Your Penisy God (1989)

Have you ever eaten Drew Pickles' famous poopy pies? Well, if you haven't, one thing I could describe what they taste like to you: delectable! Yes, Drew's famous poopy pies are quite delicious! Loads of poopy and semen in one bite! Yum! The crust isn't just made out of any graham-crust, but poopy-graham-crust! People give Drew's famous poopy pies two thumbs up, and a big erection! Drew's famous poopy pies have poopy, semen, urine and blood that can come out from your ass! Mix that all togheter and put it in poopy-graham-crust, put it in the oven for two hours at 360 degrees Farenheit and then take it out and let it cool for ten minutes and enjoy the pie! Drew Pickles' poopy pies are sold to a local store near you!


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